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Choosing Suitable Study Times

By: admin, on: 01/12/2012

The best way to study is to create a proper schedule so that you can utilize your time constructively and allot an equal amount of time to each subject. You should set aside the same time each day to review your lectures and go through your text books. Studies have shown that productivity can be increased if you do the same thing at the same time daily.

The total time you should put in each day depends on your course load and abilities. When you have decided the amount of hours you can set aside for study, consider the following factors and then put out a suitable schedule for yourself.

  • Determine a time when you can perform best.  You may be more active in the morning or you may work more effectively later in the day when you are fully awake. Try to find the time when you perform the best and then choose it as your study time.
  • Ponder over your sleeping habits. You may be used to staying up late in the night or you may be one of those who open their eyes when the first sun rays light up the skies. Whatever the case, sleeping habits play a significant role and considerably affect peak times. So try to choose a study time that suits your normal sleeping patterns. For instance, many people prefer studying at night but if you get up early, you should not study late at night. You will be sleepy and will not even be able to concentrate.
  • If you have plenty of extra time throughout the day other than your normal studying periods, you can utilize it to do some quick revisions. You can even use that time to solve a quick problem or two.
  • Your study times are considerably affected by the difficulty of the subject at hand. So while planning out a schedule, do put this into consideration. For instance if you are a slow reader, then you cannot do any comprehension task in a short time. Figure out the time which you might need for a task and set more time to it. If you set aside more time from the beginning than the actual time, you will avoid getting your schedule delayed.
  • If a task is relatively easy for you, then schedule it for times when you do not put up a peak performance. These tasks do not require much focus, and can be done even when your brain is not so active.

Ideal Study Times

The best time to study varies with each person, but there are still a few times that can help in making your session more productive than if you studied at any other time of the day.

  • Studying immediately prior to a class or right after it can help you in understanding the material better.
  • You can go through your books when you feel fresh and energized like after a bath or after having a cup of tea. 
General Guidelines for SAT

By: admin, on: 01/11/2012

Achieving a high score in SAT exams is not an easy task for many of you, but a good SAT report is one of the most important assets in getting admission into a renowned college. Moreover, there is a fees required for the exam, so it is better to get a good score in only one shot.  Here are a few guidelines which can help you in scoring above the average level.

Give the PSAT

Many people skip the PSAT - Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, but this is not recommended. A PSAT can give you a sense of the actual feeling of the SAT exam. PSAT is easier and shorter than SAT, but the format is still very similar.

If you do not give the PSAT, then you would not know the actual pressure and feeling of a SAT examination hall. You also would not come to know how effectively you can manage time during the test. You might be thinking that this can be done with a SAT practice test as well but it actually cannot be done. Even if you give plenty of practice tests, you will just not experience the same pressure and nervousness that you do during an actual exam.

Go through the SAT Prep booklet Carefully

There is a SAT Prep Booklet that is available on the official site for the exam. Read the book thoroughly many times. You will come to know of the test format and the time allotted to each section. There are sample questions as well which you should solve to get an idea.  Also go through their solutions because often short cuts will be mentioned.

Know the rules

The SAT exam observes strict rules and the invigilators are really not lenient. You should know all the rules before you sit in the actual exam. For instance, there is a certain amount of time for each section, and you will not be given even one extra second. Not following this might actually lead to cancellation of the test.

Learn how to manage your time

Time management is one of the most important skills required in a SAT exam and is also the most difficult to learn. If you do not manage your time effectively, you will probably end up with incomplete sections. Just move on if you cannot figure out an answer. Do that question in the end if there is time left.

Take a SAT Practice Test

SAT practice tests are easily available online and in SAT preparation books as well. You should take the test at least once before sitting in an actual SAT. While the test would not give you an idea about the pressure, it can help you in learning to manage your time effectively.  This can only be done if you give the test in real test conditions.

Try to give the test in one go, and spend only the allotted time on each section. When done with the test, calculate your score as well. You will know how much more efforts you need to put in to your preparations. 

Benefits of Web Tutoring

By: admin, on: 01/10/2012

Web tutoring has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. There are numerous online organizations that will provide you with a web tutor at an inexpensive cost.  You can find tutors for all subjects and all levels. Even if you have to prepare for an entrance exam like SAT or GRE or standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFELS, web tutoring is a great method. Here are the reasons why:

Save time and overcome distances

Web tutoring has surpassed both distances and time and unlike conventional tutoring, is not affected the least bit by these two. You can connect to your tutor anytime and anywhere. Many online teachers also have a website on which they upload recorded versions of their lectures, class notes and other useful resources. This helps you in viewing the material anytime of the day. You can even talk to the teacher through video chat and get all your queries answered.

Moreover, web tutoring is not affected by distances so you can easily avail the services of a renowned tutor without any regards to how far he is situated. The tutor may be located across the globe but you can still register for his courses. As long as you have an internet connection, you can study whenever you find it most convenient.

Make use of advanced tools

Web tutoring provides you access to a vast collection of learning tools which can help you in understanding the material better. Reading text books is not as effective as going through all these online resources, but until you register for an online program, you cannot access them. Web tutors use effective strategies for teaching different topics, and can provide you with very useful tools which will aid you a lot in studies.

Learn at your ease and comfort

If you enroll in a web tutoring program, you will be able to study at your own comfort and ease. In a physical class room, a teacher maintains a flow such that most of the students can adapt to it. If you are a below average student, you might feel that your tutor is going too fast. This is often not a problem in web tutoring because a large mass of students find it easier to ask questions online but hesitate to do so in a physical class room. 

Moreover, if your teacher provides you with recorded versions of the lectures then it is all the better.  You can review those lectures again and again till the concepts become clear to you.

Attendance is not an issue

Missing even a single lecture can cause a lot of problems for the rest of the term. This can be avoided with web tutoring because sessions are generally held when you will be available.

Choose between a group or one-to-one session

Many web tutoring companies provide you with an option to choose between group classes or individual sessions. The second option may be slightly more expensive but will be preferable by most of you.

Preparing for Exams

By: admin, on: 01/09/2012

Exam season is the most dreaded time of the year for any student. They are always marked by anxiety and fear of the upcoming papers. While there are those who always ace their exams, there are also quite a few who face trouble in scoring decent marks. So here are a few preparation tips that can help you be among the top students in your class.

Start early

Start your preparation as early as possible. The more time you have in your hand, the more relaxed you will feel, and the better you will be able to perform. You will also be able to go through all the material plenty of times until you know it really well. Implementing this tip is the hardest of all, but it really will be the most fruitful. A good enough study period is one of your most important tools to succeed in any exam, especially if you have a lot of subjects to do deal with.

Gather all required materials

Before studying, collect all relevant materials like notes, diagrams, reference books, assignments and so on. It is really distracting to search for all of this in between your study, and forces you to take too many breaks. This breaks the tempo and wastes a lot of your time. You cannot even concentrate this way and your study session might become ineffective.

Make use of quick learning techniques

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to remember things, then use quick learning techniques like mnemonics, flow charts and visual aids.
  • Mnemonics are the perfect tool for remembering long formulas and difficult definitions. For instance, VIBGYOR is a mnemonic for remembering the colors in the rainbow. BB Roy of Great Britain has a Very Good Wife is a useful mnemonic for recalling the resister color code. 
  • Flow charts are a great method for learning processes and anything else which occurs sequentially.
  • Visual aids like videos and slides help you in grasping the concept quickly and understanding all the basic facts. They are definitely more effective than pouring for hours over you textbooks because recalling what you are seeing is easier than recalling what you read.

Study in a group

Group study is another good technique, but it does not suit everyone. Quite a few of you may completely forget about preparing for exams if you are with your friends. However, if this is not the case with you, then do study in a group, especially if the subject demands practice like calculus and accounting. You can easily ask your friends for help if you are having difficulties in comprehending a topic. If they are facing trouble in understanding, you can help them with it, and this would strengthen your concepts. 

Sleep for 6 hours at least

Never stay up the night before the day of the exam. If you do not have enough sleep, you may not be able to concentrate in the examination hall the next day and your performance will plunge for sure.