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1. What Exactly Is Online Education?
Online education, otherwise known as e-learning or distance learning, is very different from the traditional education offered at Schools, Colleges and Universities. With online education, students do not need to physically attend a classroom session and listen to lectures. Online education provides students with the ability to attend virtual classes from the comfort of their home at anytime they wish.
2. How Can The Visual Web Tutoring Program Offered By MiddWell Help Students?
Our program is created to help fix any weak learning abilities of our participants. It does not matter if the applicant is a slow or fast learner, our mission is to help raise the student’s learning abilities to a whole new level so as they can overcome their SAT and score high with flying colors.
3. How Does The Program Work?
The online SAT program implements several quizzes, study materials, animated video sessions, revisions and exams to help better the learning experience for the student. All of our learning aid is incorporated into a comprehensive syllabus curriculum which is sure to help the student achieve their goals.
4. What Subjects Are Being Tutored At MiddWell?
At the current moment, students are only able to take online courses for SAT Math and SAT English.
5. What Are The Test-Taking Courses Available?
At MiddWell, we believe that education should be provided extensively to those who crave for learning. We provide unique visual web tutoring programs for SAT English and Math. We are providing Full Package Suite and Single Packages for test-taking courses in each subject. Please refer our enroll page for the list of available test-taking courses.
6. What is a Full Package Suite?
A full package suite is a set of modules which collectively form an entire syllabus of one subject. At MiddWell we offer three full package suits. SAT English Full Suite, SAT Mathematics Full Suite and SAT English & Mathematics Full Suite. The later is the combo pack of the former two packages.
7. What is a Single Package?
A single package suite contains study materials from some area of the syllabus of one subject. These Single Packages of one subject collectively form one Full Package Suite for that subject.
8. What Tools Should Students Have?
In order to successfully participate in the online courses, students should have a personal computer with a fast internet connection. They should also have speakers or headphones with them.
9. Does MiddWell Provide Any Tools For Courses?
MiddWell does not provide any sort of tools during the courses. All a student needs is to have a personal computer with a fast internet connection. All other resources are online.
10. How Quick Is The Registration Process At MiddWell?
Our sign-up process is very quick and simple. All we require is the student’s necessary login credentials along with contact details and thats it. We also recommend a scheduled period where the student can interact in our learning society.
11. How Long Is The Tutoring Program Offered By MiddWell?
All the packages available at MiddWell are time dependent. The recommended length of the program is different for each package. The time span of each package is given along with each package.
12. How Many Hours Of Visual Web Tutoring Per Week For Each Course Are Recommended By MiddWell?
We strive to provide our students with the education they require to achieve high score in their SAT in the quickest and simplest way possible. This does not mean that we push a student. We firmly believe that students should not be pushed beyond their limits as this will cause more problems. To ensure that this problem is avoided the MiddWell research team will recommend two sessions per package, four days a week. This program can be adjusted according to the student’s convenience.
13. How Many Sessions Can A Student Take In A Day?
A student is able to take two sessions per package in a day. Each session can lasts up to a maximum of four hours. If a student take Full Suite Combo package (SAT English & Mathematics Full Suite), he/she can avail two sessions each from each subject in a day. If a student is taking two single packages he/she will be able to avail two sessions each from those packages.
14. Are There Any Parental Responsibilities?
Yes, the parents should be encouraging their children to attend the online tutoring classes according to the class schedule provided to them. If parents want to keep a track of their children’s classes, they should make sure their children are taking the sessions accordingly and monitor their progress.
15. Are There Any Certificates Issued Upon Course Completion?
MiddWell offers a certificate of completion upon successfully completing the Full Suite Package course. However, there is no certificate awarded for single packages.
16. Can My Account or MiddWell’s Study Materials Be Shared With Friends and Family Members?
According to MiddWell’s terms and conditions, no student is able to share any of MiddWell’s study materials without that person first enrolling in the online courses offered by MiddWell. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in our policy will result in the cancellation of the student’s account permanently. Moreover, he/she may be liable to MiddWell through the court of Law for the breach of the contract.
17. Are There Any Sorts Of Tests Which Need To Be Completed?
A student is required to attend and complete a number of tests while they are enrolled at MiddWell. Before starting the first module of a Full Suite Package, students are required to complete an aptitude test designed to self identify the student’s knowledge and command over the subject. Students are also required to partake in quizzes conducted at the end of each session. The quizzes are based upon the knowledge taught from the lesson. There is also a mid-test after successfully completing 15 sessions in the Mathematics suite and 14 sessions in the English suite. A final test will be taken upon completing the course.
18. Is It Possible To Enroll In More Than One Package At One Time?
When a new student sign-up to MiddWell, he/she can only enroll one package at that time. After the registration process is over and the user account is activated, student can log-in to their account and enroll more packages to their existing account.
19. Are There Any Mobile Apps For Accessing www.middwell.com?
At the moment, there are no mobile applications that allow students to access www.middwell.com. However, we are in the process of developing our mobile version of our website.
20. How Do I Find Out New Product Launches By MiddWell?
To stay up-to-date with our program and curriculum, please visit the news or blog page of our website for more details.
21. How Does The Session Work?
After successfully enrolling and purchasing the package of their choice, students need to login to our system with their student ID and password. Once logged in, the student will be re-directed to a page containing all of their study materials. Depending upon where they are in their SAT prep course, they can download and save the appropriate notes to their computer. Once the notes are downloaded, the student is required to watch the video lesson. After watching the lesson, the student must click the “test” button to attend the virtual test. The student must watch the video lesson before attempting the test otherwise the system will assume that the student have already watched the video lesson and will not be able to go back to that lesion again. Once the lesson is over, simply logout from the website. Remember that in a single day only a maximum of 2 sessions per package is allowed. Upon completion of a Full Suite Package, the student can download a printable certificate from MiddWell.
22. Why I am getting "[Math Processing Error]" throughout the online Mathematics test?
To make the mathematical symbols and contents appear correctly, we use some JavaScript to render them properly. You need to enable JavaScript in your browser to get rid of "[Math Processing Error]". We have tested browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox etc which render the equations without any problem.

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